The National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria admitted changes to the Roads Low, concerning the termination of the National Company Strategic Infrastructure Projects (NCSIP).

The amendment entered into force with its publication in the State Gazette, issue 30th , on April 15th 2016.

All activities of NCSIP are transferred to the Road Infrastructure Agency.



National Company Strategic Infrastructure Projects was created with amendments to the Roads Law in 2011. The company is a state enterprise subordinate to the Minister of Regional Development. The company is a named beneficiary under Operational Programme Transport as from December 2011.

NCSIP’s objective is to efficiently finance, design and build the Struma, Hemus and Black Sea Motorways.

The main responsibilities of NCSIP include:

  • management of all activities necessary for the implementation of the three motorway projects;
  • carrying out of land acquisitions, planning and management of archaeological studies;
  • preparation of proposals for approval of funding from OP Transport and other sources;
  • preparation and evaluation of tenders needed for the implementation of the projects;
  • commissioning of road safety audits at the various stages of project preparation;
  • participation in the preparation of investment plans and programmes in the road sector.

Information brochure on the activity of NCSIP [English]



OP TRANSPORT 2007-2013

National Company Strategic Infrastructure Projects is a named beneficiary of priority axes ІІ and V of Operational Programme on Transport 2007-2013 (OPT) with a decision of the Monitoring Committee of the programme from December 2011.

The goal of OPT is the development of railway, road and water infrastructure, as well as stimulation of development of intermodality in accordance with the transport policy of the European Union and the established requirements for development of the Trans-European transport network in order to achieve stability of the Bulgarian transport system.

  OP Transport 2007-2013 Website


National Company Strategic Infrastructure Projects is a beneficiary of Operational Programme  “Transport and Transport Infrastructure” 2014 – 2020 (OPTTI) under Priority axis 2 - “Development of road infrastructure along the “core” and “comprehensive” TransEuropean transport network”, Priority axis 4 – “Innovations in management and services - establishment of modern infrastructure for traffic management and transport safety improvement” and Priority axis 5 – “Technical Assistance”.

The strategy of OPTTI 2014 – 2020 provides for the completion of major national and PanEuropean transport routes on the territory of the country in the sphere of road transport, development of railway transport, improvement of intermodal transport services for pаssengers and freights, development of sustainable urban transport, introduction of intelligent systems for traffic management, improvement of the safety and security of transport. The strategy of OPTTI 2014-2020 contributes to achieving the objectives of Strategy “Europe 2020” and is consistent with the guidelines for the development of the European transport policy and the Trans-European transport network, as well as with the national policies and priorities.